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For special occasions, to send to your students away at school, to celebrate all the milestones coming up, CAKES! 
I love heirloom cakes, both from the long heritage of baking in the United States and also around the world.  Cakes that have meaning and roots.  I try to bring that love to my cake offering! 
Candles and cards available upon request.

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5 days notice for all orders

(so, for instance, order Tuesday for pick-up Friday) and up to 30 days pre-order!

Order anytime, even when we're closed!

Curbside pickup available Thursday-Saturday, 9AM-3:00PM and Sunday, 9AM-1:30PM. 

Delivery available Tuesday-Saturday, 3:30PM-5:30PM.

Closed Monday.
Check out the "How to order" page for more details. 

Call or email with any questions or special requests!


Gluten free and vegan options available

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