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"CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a great way to stock your household with fresh, organic, locally-grown produce, while also saving money by purchasing direct from your farmer.

This year, you can add from scratch baked goods to your weekly household stock! 

Sign up now for your first month!

A bakery take on a CSA

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Sample Bakery Box 2.jpg
Sample Bakery Box 3.jpg

Whether you sign up for 1 month or sign up for a recurring subscription, part of the fun is the element of surprise!  Each week, I will bake a rotating schedule of bread and granola and focus on seasonality in my choices of treats.  For the sweet lovers, anything from pie to cinnamon rolls will be included.  For the savory lovers, quiche to pasta.

I will be 1 pick up time at Lemon Bakery, located at 460 West St., Amherst, MA:

Saturdays from 9-2

Pick-up will be curbside. Once you arrive, you give us a call inside and we’ll bring your share out to you. All those details will be provided in your registration confirmation.

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